Guanábana! Conocida por muchos nombres, nosotros la llamamos simplemente "GFruit"

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Guanábana! Conocida por muchos nombres, nosotros la llamamos simplemente "GFruit"

Esto NO es un jugo, es 100% fruta saludable.

Usted sentirá como si estuviera comiendo la fruta fresca de un árbol como la naturaleza lo quiso

Viene sellada al vacío para su frescura.
Las semillas no pueden ser consumidas.
Refrigere después de abrir, consumir dentro de los 10 días de apertura.
¡Sin azúcar añadida!

Se cultiva y se alimenta a mano, y se considera selecta debido a su color verde brillante. Removemos con cuidado la piel, extraemos el núcleo no comestible y ponemos toda la fruta con las semillas en el interior del contenedor.

Conocida por muchos nombres: Guanábana, Graviola y Soursop nosotros la llamamos simplemente GFruit.

Número de US Food and Drug Administration: 12352179894



Es una fruta muy bonita y grande de los árboles de hoja perenne nativos de climas tropicales. Cuando está madura, se ve con la piel de color verde brillante elegante cubierta de pinchos, suave al tacto. Está presente en docenas de idiomas y en muchas culturas. El prodigio de Gfruit tiene sus orígenes en los territorios desconocido en varios continentes. Es muy posible que deba su popularidad a su sorprendente sabor. Según se ha dicho, la mayoría de los admiradores la describen como una mezcla increíblemente sabrosa de piña y fresa, seguida de un toque de sabores de coco y plátano. En cuanto a su aroma, la fruta tiene un poco de piña con una sugerente y suave fragancia de almizcle, ¡demasiado para ser descrito! Cuando está madura, si se corta Gfruit por dentro parece porcelana blanca, lujosamente fibrosa y jugosa. Algunas partes de la fruta llevan semillas negras lisas, ovaladas. Aunque no son comestibles, las semillas se utilizan históricamente en innumerables formas y maneras.
Exención de responsabilidad: Estas declaraciones no han sido evaluadas por la Administración de Alimentos y Drogas (FDA). No se garantiza que Gfruit o cualquier otro producto mencionado en nuestro sitio web puede diagnosticar, curar, mitigar, tratar o prevenir el cáncer o cualquier otra enfermedad. Toda la información se presenta únicamente para su conocimiento y no pretende ser un consejo médico. No presentamos a Gfruit como una droga.

Información adicional

Información adicional

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Revisiones de Cliente 22 item(s)

It is what you said it is. Thanks!
This was my first time eating Guanabana fruit. My wife is from the Phillippines and when I was there she forgot to prepare it for me. I'm very glad to finally taste it and I just ordered again. Revisado por djonesok / (Publicado en 06/10/2014)
I love this amazing fruit...so sweet and healthy...will definitely be buying more Revisado por lchapman9266 / (Publicado en 06/10/2014)
No Sugar Added Makes This a Winner
As a low carber, I appreciate that the product is not high in carbohydrate. I think that those who are trying to decrease cancer with Soursop need to steer clear of anything with added sugars so this is a good choice. Revisado por GoPaleo! / (Publicado en 06/10/2014)
We will continue to use this fantastic U.S. FDA approved quality product.
The packing to preserve the freshness is unparalleled, so, it is the quick shipping time and friendly customer service personnel. I grew up in a house where there was a guanabana tree(Gfruit) in the back yard in Central America; there is no difference in flavor or texture from the freshly cut fruit from the tree, to the Grin Real Nature product. My wife has been taking Guanabana to help her fight against cancer; it is definitely helping her stabilize the good cells in her body, even her doctors are impressed with the new exam results. Thank you for making it accessible to us in the U.S.A. and around the world. Revisado por MarioSigue / (Publicado en 30/09/2014)
Patient is showing signs of recovery only after a month of taking product
Bought product to help treat wife's cancer. Was shipped immediately, and though it is a little early to uncork the champagne bottle (wife has only been taking it for a month) she is definitely showing signs of recovery. I personally have a lot of faith in the product, and will keep taking it myself for better health, and for treating the wife's cancer. Revisado por Vik1953 / (Publicado en 30/09/2014)
Finally, Apple Custard that is the real thing
Excellent product and packaging. Fresh soursops are quiete difficult to find in most US cities, even in Whole Foods. Then, you find the frozen pulp kind which is tasteless or the ones loaded with sugar. This is a great product, minimally processed, the closest to the real fruit but peeled. Revisado por vir / (Publicado en 30/09/2014)
Love the Gfruit!
Love the Gfruit! It does not taste bad at all! I drink it daily. Revisado por Luna / (Publicado en 29/09/2014)
First timer and I LOVE IT!
I had never tried this before in my entire life. My girlfriend who is from Chile was ecstatic when she found it. We ordered some and at first I was hesitant about the texture but it is sooooo good! So fresh tasting and great with other recipes too. Website works great for ordering and shipping is fast. They do a great job packing it to make sure it doesn't get damaged on the way. I highly recommend the company & website! Revisado por Patrick / (Publicado en 29/09/2014)
Wonderful taste and texture!
I used to have a tree of Guanabana in my backyard when I lived in Dominican Republic. Now that I live in USA I craved some and found a couple of juices but it was not the same. Then I found this site and ordered a jar and OMG! it has a wonderful taste and texture. Like taken from the tree. Definitely the best, I plan to keep buying from this store every time I feel homesick. Revisado por Ana / (Publicado en 28/09/2014)
A very refreshing fruit.
Tastes very refreshing. Will buy again. Sort of like a light grapefruit taste. Very clean and crisp, Revisado por dickinsw / (Publicado en 27/09/2014)
excellent product
Excellent product. Excellent delivery time. Will definitely place orders again. Revisado por hosam_mekawey / (Publicado en 27/09/2014)
I am confident the GFruit will make her feel better because I hear positive input about GFruit and since it is your product.
my sister is having a battle with cancer right now. And, thank you very much for your help and support. I am confident the GFruit will make her feel better because I hear positive input about GFruit and since it is your product. I think you and your company take pride in the GFruit product. Revisado por Phillips_sc / (Publicado en 26/09/2014)
I think you and your company take pride in the GFruit product.
Thank you, my sister is having a battle with cancer right now. And, thank you very much for your help and support. I am confident the GFruit will make her feel better because I hear positive input about GFruit and since it is your product. I think you and your company take pride in the GFruit product. Revisado por Hoggie / (Publicado en 26/09/2014)
I love how fast the shipping process is, I'm able to track the shipment :) Revisado por Christina8384 / (Publicado en 26/09/2014)
Gfruit is the boom baby!
Was really impressed had the fresh fruit in panama ! We were so happy to have discovered your product.The packaging the prompt deliverary the fruit is excellent we have it every morning in a smoothie.we remove the seeds and then freeze it in ice cube trays to blend up in the morning.Thanks for this great product enjoying it in Canada Revisado por Rox & Ralph / (Publicado en 26/09/2014)
Awesome way to package fruit
Seriously LOVED the gFruit. It was very fresh and delicious! The container allows it to stay fresh longer too. Loved adding it to my Greek yogurt in the mornings for breakfast. Revisado por Ashley T / (Publicado en 26/09/2014)
Fruit is great and perfect
This fruit is absolutly the closest taste of real one. It's nicely cut and put in to jar. No sugar or syrup. Just fruit. Love it. Revisado por Sisi / (Publicado en 26/09/2014)
Best product
Best way to get Guanaban all year long,
The quality of the fruit is excellent, the real thing. Revisado por Martin / (Publicado en 26/09/2014)
i love your products
i love your products Revisado por kim / (Publicado en 26/09/2014)
Very good product will definitively buy again.
Great stuff highly recommended... Revisado por JT / (Publicado en 26/09/2014)
She makes shakes with it and both of us drink it.
I'm writing for my wife, and she tells me she loves it because it is just like back home in the Philippines. She is waiting for our trees to produce which should be next year. Revisado por garyj1947 / (Publicado en 26/09/2014)
Love it
My husband love the soursop graviola guanabana fruit and the juices too he has a kidney problems making him very tired after his dialysis but the juices given him a lot energy Revisado por Ana Iglesias / (Publicado en 08/09/2014)

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